Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Udder Balm locally?

Please try our store locator. You can also submit information about a local store and we'll do our best to convince them to carry it.

What happened to Dionne Udder Balm? I can't find it any more!

The orange and black Dionne label was discontinued. Original Udder Balm is, and has always been, the exact same formula in a more attractive label. Nothing inside the jar has changed, only the outside.

How does figure shipping costs?

We calculate the combined weight of the items you are ordering and transmit that information, along with the ship-to zip code (or country, for orders going outside the US), to both the USPS and UPS. They then provide us with the shipping rates which, after a small handling fee is applied, are quoted on the shipping screen.

Why are the actual shipping rates different than the ‘Estimated Shipping’ rate I see when I look at my shopping cart?

The ‘Estimated Shipping’ is an approximate shipping cost to help you gauge the final cost of your order. Since we don't yet know where your order will be shipping, we can't give an exact price. Also, because we get shipping prices directly from the USPS and UPS, an inherently slow process, we try to limit the number of times we have to request prices from their servers. Doing this helps keep your shopping experience speedy and pleasant.

Do you ship to APO and FPO addresses?

Yes; we love shipping to military addresses. In fact, military addresses such as APO and FPO automatically get a nontrivial discount as our way of saying Thanks.

I live outside the USA, can I still order products from you?

Yes, we ship all over the world. International orders are usually shipped via the USPS, as it is normally the most economical, but if you have special requirements or preferences, please let us know.

I live outside the USA, why is shipping so expensive?

International shipping, especially ‘across the pond’, so to speak, is often more expensive than we might like. Sometimes, however, we find that the shipping rates to the UK and Canada are vastly overstated by the USPS and UPS. If we find this to be the case on your order, we'll refund the difference (you don't even have to ask!). You can also e-mail us and we'll be happy to quote more accurate shipping costs.

My Pump doesn't work very well and I still have udder balm left. Is my pump defective?

We use one of the best pumps available on our Udder Balm jars; however, Udder Balm is so thick that, as the jar becomes empty, the balm holds its shape and ends up leaving a void around the pump, making it difficult for the pump to function. The only way to remedy this problem would be to water down Udder Balm, which we won't do—if you wanted lower quality, you'd be buying from our competitors! What many people do, and what we recommend, is to purchase jars without pumps or a four- or eight-pound tub and refill the pump jar as it gets low.

I haven't used my Udder Balm pump since last winter, now it is clogged. How do I unclog it?

Try carefully running warm tap water through the pump, or placing the pump mechanism on the top rack of your dishwasher. Both methods have been used with great success by others.

Is ‘Udder Balm’ the same thing as ‘Udder Cream’ or ‘Humanized Udder Balm’?

We're sure that whoever makes them would like you to think they're the same, but they are not. There are a number of knock-offs out there, but our experience has shown them to be thin, watery, and lacking the soothing, softening properties of Original and Dionne Udder Balm. We have even seen knock-offs claiming to have ‘The Original Udder Balm’ redone in some way! They try to compare their product to ours because ours is the best out there (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that).

What is the difference between regular and Medicated Udder Balm?

Medicated Udder Balm includes menthol, which many people feel helps soothe sore muscles. The menthol also helps with temporary relief of pain and itching associated with minor cuts, scrapes, and skin irritation.

Can I use Udder Balm on my Cow, Goat, or other teated animals?

Of course! Udder Balm is an excellent choice for use on goats, swine, sheep, dogs, and most other nursing or lactating animals; just apply udder balm according to the label directions, and be sure to clean off the teats before nursing or milking. This is what it was originally designed for!

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