Don't settle for imitations! Get the original here!
Don't settle for imitations! Get the original here!
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Handmade Nose warmer on face
Pile of random colored Handmade Nose warmers
Family wearing Handmade Nose warmers
Woman wearing Handmade Nose warmer
Military personell wearing Handmade Nose warmers
Dog checking out Handmade Nose warmer

Handmade Nose Warmers / Mittens

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Hand-Made Nose Warmer (random colors)

These nosewarmers—known to some as “nose mittens” or “nose muffs”—were hand-made by a eighty-something grandmother in Iowa. You may remember seeing Willard Scott wearing a nose warmer on NBC's today show years ago, these are the very same. They come in a variety of different colors—whatever scraps are in the bottom of the yarn basket—so you never know quite what you'll get. A nose warmer makes a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift, and is sure to bring a smile. And, if you have the nerve to wear one, they really do keep your nose warm.

Sorry, but since grandma Mary passed away, we are now limited to random colors only. You might get one that is Red with a yellow pom-pom, or it might be purple and gold, white and purple, there are so many colors and combinations, it really will be a surprise! You can request a color in the order notes, but we cannot guarantee what you will get. We only have left what grandma made us, and once they are all gone, they will be gone.

Check out the video our local TV station did on grandma (about 2004) and her nose warmers, below, and check out the pictures a few of our customers have sent... from Rockefeller Center to members of the US military... nose warmers have traveled from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between!