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I was so happy to find your Original Udder Balm online. I bought it originally for my horses, but I found it healed my rough heels like no expensive foot cream could. Now my heels are as soft as a baby's. It's also the best hand and body cream ever. This time I bought the 4 pound tub! I've already shared some of it with my Aunt who couldn't find anything to heal her fingers where the skin cracks around the nails. I know it will have her hands healed up in no time. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Carol W. – Verona, IL

I am SUCH a skeptic. I have been battling a horrific case of Psoriasis on both the palms of my hands and soles of my feet for about three years. I have seen doctor after doctor. I have recently been put on a chemo-drug and steroids in an attempt to control it's horrendous spreading. My palms as well as the soles of my feet were incredibly painful with open, seeping, cracking and bleeding sores. I was ashamed to shake hands or even let my hands be seen. I tried so many products. When my husband picked up a tube and jar at a show recently, I had no excitement and certainly no faith whatsoever that an "over-the-counter" product would succeed where the myriad of doctors had not. But, about a week and a half ago, I had run out of my regular hand cream and began to use your product Udder Balm. What can I say?? This product is a miracle cure. I enjoy the fact that it is quickly absorbed, smells wonderful and leaves my hands and feet feeling as soft as a new baby's behind. But, more than anything...I love that not only have I seen a significant improvement in my sores...they are GONE! I still have the scar tissue (after all, I was plagued for three years)...but there is no "new" dryness nor open sores. I have an appointment with the dermatologist in three weeks. I can't wait to show him the improvement and show him the product. He will not believe his eyes. Don't mistake me for someone who is prone to "placebo" effects, and I NEVER believe what the products always seem to claim, be it cosmetics, miracle cures or whatever. I am definitely NOT known as an "easy sell". But, with your product you have a new fan, a new spokesperson and a true believer. Seeing IS believing. I couldn't wait to show my husband the improvement. He was humbled at what he saw. He admitted that when he purchased the product, it was merely another attempt at "trying something new" for me to ease my discomfort, my pain, my shame. But he actually was so amazed at what he saw, he got tears in his eyes. I do not understand why this product is not provided to doctors everywhere! I certainly intend to show mine the product itself and the paperwork. I have a dear friend who is a manicurist...SHE'll be getting a complimentary tube from me to use on her ailing customers. I feel like writing brochures, getting on television, radio...everywhere to praise your product. Well done! I can't say enough! My husband says I should probably try to see about selling the product myself since I am living proof that even the most severe cases if Psoriasis can be not just improved, but virtually go into remission! TAHNK YOU! At long last, something that really works!

Martine G. – Round Rock, TX

I just want to give testimony as to how my nose muff has changed my life! I am 60 years old and I have been plagued with a cold nose for as long as I can remember. My constant stance was one of holding my cupped hands over my nose! But I googled “nose warmer” and found YOU! I have just returned from a trip to New York where I wore my nose muff with pride and could participate in life “hands free!” I was photographed, followed, smiled at, and questioned – by strangers! I spread your name far and wide and this was just the beginning!

Renée H. – Houston, TX

PS I meant to tell you I went into a coffee shop not far from Ground Zero where a lady saw me and was so enamored with my nose warmer, I gave her one of mine. (I had bought three.) She also wanted to know the website as she wanted to pass along the info to her friends!


Jake S. – Nahant, MA

I recently purchased a one pound jar of Original Udder Balm. I love your product. I have some pretty extreme eczema on both of my hands and the Original Udder Balm is just about the only cream that I can use that does not sting when I apply it and it really seems to be helping the healing process.


Sandra R.

It was not what I expected. It was BETTER than I ever imagined. As soon as my husband mounts it to the house I will snap a picture and send it to you. Thank you so much for having such great products.

Sharon B.

Just got our order and was happy that it got here so fast. THANKS!!! We use to get this when we lived in Wisconsin, and had a farm. Since then we have buying all the time til we moved to Az. We brought some with us and when we got here we could not find it. So the wife went on line and found it. We use it for our hands and feet. Again Thanks.

Robert F. – Flagstaff, AZ

One use for Udder Balm that you really should PROMOTE is as a midge repellant. I know this sounds kinda silly but there is HUGE demand for a product that repels these nasty little bloodsuckers. Usually people resort to fly sprays which are largely ineffective against midges.

We live in southwest Idaho which is a "high desert" - sagebrush, hot summers and a lot of bugs. Where there is irrigation, there are midges - which bite like the devil and there are very few products that repel them. After reading up on the problem (it is just HORRIBLE in the British Isles too) I learned that a barrier of something "greasy" will trap the midges and prevent them from biting the animal.

So, every night in the summer, my horses get a layer of Udder Balm under their tails, between their hind legs, on their sheaths & udders and along their midline - all the places where midges like to feed.

Last year my young horse had a $200 vet bill for "sweet itch" caused by midge bites. This year, I spent a lot on Udder Balm but not nearly what one vet visit cost me. And my horses are grinning from ear to ear while the horses down the hill from us are swishing their tails frantically and obviously suffering. I need to take their owner a jar of Udder Balm!

Seriously - I urge you to explore the "midge" topic & you will see that there is a huge sales opportunity among horse owners who are looking for a solution to this problem. There are other products which may repel midges, such as Corona and Bag Balm - but the ingredients in Udder Balm are much more gentle on and good for horses' skin. I recommend it to all my friends who own horses.


Candy O. – Star, ID

I use udderbalm to shave with and for dry skin especially my legs. Il's the best you can get.
Thanks Again

Howard T. – Billerica, MA

My 14 year old daughter has serious Raynaud's Phenomenon in her hands with sclerodermatous changes to some blood vessels. I think it might have been on the Scleroderma Foundation website, but I'm not sure, that I read an article by a woman who had had serious changes in the joints of her hands and subsequent surgery. In addition to exercising her hands, and using heat, she found that your product worked well to help keep the skin on her hands from becoming dry and to help keep her fingers flexible. So, although my daughter doesn't yet have those complications, I'm worried about the possibity of that happening in the future. The doctor sure is. I took that lady's recommendation to heart, and have been buying your product since then. Megan seems happy with the cream, especially in the pump form, because it's easier to use So, even though I absolutely hate having to buy the product for her because it seems so sad sometimes, it does keep the skin on her hands in the best possible condition.

Mrs. B. Schoenberg

Note: Hello: I was just in Arizona to visit my brother that just moved there from Marshalltown, I too live in Marshalltown. He has purchased some of your cream to put on his skin, he was burned on 95% of his body. Your cream he loves and I have to have some for myself, we are both amazed that you in Des Moines. Thank you so much. Sincerely,

Cindy N. – Marshalltown, IA


I had to take a moment and email to tell you how great your Udder Balm is.

I had been searching for a hand product that would help my hands heal, be soft and retain moisture, well, on an unexpected chance I saw it at CVS, and thought why not, I have spent so much on hand creams what is one more to add to the box at home.

Needless to say, I saw shocked and so freaking happy when in only one use I noticed a hugh difference in the way my hands felt and looked, I was hooked right then and there.

I have been using this udder balm everyday, as I do dishes, laundry and have been outside planting and gardening.

Well I can't tell you how pleased I am to say I threw out all the other hand and nail lotions that claim to do it all! and yours is the only one I have and will be using from now on.

I know people say they never write companies about their products and I am one of them but, this is a dream come true for me.

My hands look and fell awsum now !!and people have noticed, that is a big plus, they actually think I have stopped doing all my outside work and dishes, until I tell them I found Udder Balm, not kidding.

Anyway long and short of it, Thank You so much!! I am now a loyal customer and I tell everyone, my boyfriend even loves it and he has his own foundation company and what a difference in his hands after working with cement and planks all day, his hands are healed and soft and he loves it. My Dad Too! he repairs small machines and it heals all his rough spots and small cuts, he loves it!

So with this letter in mind, know you have a great product and 3 more people that are greatful for it.


Linda B. – Connecticut

Here is your reply about how we use udderbalm. We use it as lotion for our bodies & hands. The reason is when we travel there is all kinds of water therefore some hard,soft and in between. The udderbalm protects us from elements out in the real world. Now in the fitness room people ask what I use and will always say udderblam. Some just look at me blank others say write it down. So I do and put the color of the so they do not mixed it up with the black and white jar.

Marie N.

I received your udder balm today. So far, I totally love it! I had it sitting on my counter today while I had my daughter's birthday party and people kept using it and saying how they liked it. My hands already feel so much softer!


Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the nice nose-warmer! It arrived so quickly, and it's so cute! I probably plan to use it a little differently than most. I plan to give it to a friend who doesn't heat her house much, even in the winter (her house is heated a little through passive solar means). My friend told me that sometimes she has a hard time falling asleep just because her nose is so cold! I think she'll laugh when she first sees it, and I bet she'll enjoy using it! Thanks again! Warmest wishes,


During Winter I experience a painful skin fissure on my right thumb. I tried anti-biotic ointments that did not heal the fissure. I began using Udder Balm and had healing in just a short time. I gave tubes of Udder Balm to friends who experienced the same fissures on their finger tips. They also had rapid healing results.

Arne G. – Oakhurst, CA

Hello......... First of all thank you, thank you, thank you for a product our family could not live without. The Lanolin, Aloe Vera and the Vit. A-D&E are great BUT we have taken it to a new level. We mix it with Emu oil for a healing softening cteam unsurpased. My sister and brother in law have many Emu's and sell oil in the bulk so we deciced to mix the two wonderful products and we would never go back to the origional mix. Thanks again for you wonderful product.

Bob R. – Wichita Falls, TX

Hi Becky and Mark!

In answer to your question, how do I use Udderbalm? I use it on my arms, legs and feet every night. We have 3 daughters and they use it on THEIR arms, feet and legs every night! Our son-in-law is a fighterfighter at LAX, and I give him one to keep at home, and one at the fire station. We have an 86-yr. old actress who loves it (I stuck one in her birthday present last year), so I keep her supplied with it, too! I've given it to several members of our choir at church, and given them your E-mail address, so you might be hearing from them, too! I put it in other birthday presents, and Christmas presents, too, and everyone loves it as much as I do!

Please don't ever stop making Udderbalm - I'm 75 and I've been using it and sharing it for about 10 years, and I hope to keep doing that for many more years! I am from North Dakota, orginally, and wish I had known about it in that cold weather!

So, thank you so much, for my recent order, and for making this wonderful cream. You WILL hear from me again!

Until then, thanks again, and, by the way, I love Iowa!

Dolores D. – Santa Monica, CA

Sorry - forgot to mention, we all use the tubes for traveling, and I took a tube for each of my classmates (only 8 left!) when we had a reunion last year in North Dakota.. Thanks again!

I recently ordered udderbalm and on the packing slip you said you would like to know how I used your product. So Here goes. I have been receiving chemotherapy fpr cancer, and one of the side effects is a dry skin and splitting of the skin on the ends of my fingertips. Also irritations on the bottoms of my feet. My oncologist reccommended udderbalm to relieve this painful condition.. It does seem to be helping.

Thank you.

Joan O.

P.S. I tried to locate udderbalm at 5 different drug stores, with no results, I finally turned to the internet.

Thank you.

Received my order today....only two days after ordering it. Thanks for a great product and great service!

Judy B.

I've used Udder Balm for chapped hands and psoriasis for several years. Last winter my psoriasis was negligable thanks to your great products.

Tom H. – Pittsfield, MA

Hi Becky!
We just spoke and you were so sweet and helpful I wanted to say a special THANK YOU! So glad I added a third jar for only a few more cents! And by having it shipped directly to Florida on the 26th means I won't have to carry it down there and use up two pounds of our baggage weight allowance!

Trish E.

I suffer from extreme dry skin year round, they crack and bleed (it is painful)!. I thought it was something I just had to live with since I tried every product on the market including all the expensive ones. My Doctor also prescribed ointment it did nothing except thin my skin. Udder Balm is the only thing that has worked for me I am so glad I found this product, Thank You

Carey M. – Tustin, CA

First, I have to say thank you for the wonderful and fast delivery of your product! My grandmother uses this for her hands, legs and she swears it helps her arthritis! I found you on the Internet and
you are one of my "Favorites" now!

God Bless you

Tricia C.

What am I doing with my nosewarmer? I'm using it to warm my nose!! And it works great!
I ordered a random color nose warmer and the one sent to me has my state team colors! Thanks!

Joy F.

We received our order today. I am amazed at how quick it made it from Des Moines to Montgomery, Al. That is trully prompt sevice.

Lewie P. – Montgomery, AL

I just received my "spinner". The quality is awesome and it is even more beatiful than the picture shows. Over the years, I have always been impressed with your promptness in shipping. The improvements to your site are wonderful... Keep up the fantastic customer service, for it seems to almost be a thing of the past.

Ren P. – Holland, MI

I bought your udder balm for my grandson which suffers very badly with excema. I wanted to use somthing milder than the the precription he use as afraid of it entering his bloodstream which I read about your udder cream works wonders! ...

Debb M. – New Middletown, Ohio

I install ceramic tile for a living and my hands are just a mess from constantly being in water and cement mortar. I have used Original Udder Balm for 10 years now, and to my dismay, when I went to replace my supply, the store no longer carried it. I just ran out and I was really worried I may never find it again. I have tried everything in the past and there is nothing to compare to your product. Thank you so much for having a website. Finding you on the internet has made my year.

Linda M. – Bloomington, MN

i just wanted to say i have used a lot of hand creams before and tried yours once 8 yrs ago and have used it since, but as of the last few yrs have not been able to find it as of late at my local stores. iwas down to an empty can and just found you on the web. thank goodnes my local drug stores and wal mart say they can no longer get your product. its in my opinion the best hand cream on the market i do heating work and the fuel oil drys my hands out and right now i have such bad cracks in my hands i cant wait for my order to come in thank you

Art H. – West Eaton, NY

My name is Scott.
I'm "originally" from Pocahontas, IA (true!) but now live in the Houston, TX area. I've been cycling down here for several years. I find that your UdderBalm tends to "hold up" in the high heat & humidity better than any of the leading "chamois cremes". They all "break down" too soon. I love your stuff! ...

I cycle with a competitive cycling team and they all make fun of me when I break out my blue & white "moo tube" as they call it!

Scott H. – Houston, TX

Thank you so much. It looks like you have got a winner product. I wish more people are aware of it. I have used it a couple of times and the results are incredible.

Yuri S.

Greetings from Valparaiso Ind. (NW Indiana) We are located 50 miles east of the Loop in Chicago.
I am a very satisfied customer...

Several years ago I suffered a slight chemical burn using a hose end sprayer with a weed & feed product. The result was my forefinger and thumb were always dry. My doctor recommended "Eucerin." This provided temporary relief. It also provided relief for my dry skin and skin splits by my finger nails. I have to tell you that so you might appreciate what your product has done for me.

My brother-in-law gave me a tube of your Udder Balm as a joke!! So I decided to use it on a whim. And guess what? This is better than "sliced bread." My dry skin from the burn is gone and looks healthy like my other hand. And the splits are gone. I do need to dab alittle each day. But the difference is 100% better.

Al M. – Valparaiso, IN

Just got a tub of the Udder Balm at the Greater New Orleans Home Show the other day. I suffer with psoriasis, and this stuff helps greatly with relieving the itching and scaly skin that this condition can cause. If you'll excuse the cow pun, it's an udder delight!!

Matthew H. C. – Metairie, LA

You know what I think of you guys? Great answers. You are the most honest and straight forward company that I know! I will be telling everyone that they need to buy your products not just because they are great but also that you stand behind your products and that your word is your bond. It is like a breath of fresh air to deal with people like you.

Frank B. – MAFB-Gunter Annex, AL

At least 15 years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a one pound tub of the Dionne Undder Balm which she had found at the local farm and fleet store. I was so impressed with the effectiveness of this balm that I purchased more for everyone on my Christmas list that year. After I moved four years ago, I could no longer find anyone locally who sold udder balm until my daughter located your website and began supplying me with my very favorite lotion. She also ordered several jars as Christmas gifts for friends and family. One jar she gave to her nail technician who shared it with her husband (who previously had refused to use any kind of hand cream or lotion). The nail technician's sister also tried the jar, thought it just might work on her husband's dry feet and suddenly numerous people at the beauty salon where the nail technician worked became "addicted" to Dionne udder balm. What a wonderful, wonderful product. Thank you for not only the best skin lotion on the market but for your speedy, efficient service.

W. Hartzell – Muncie, Indiana

Thank you very much! Your response has exceeded my expectations. I already received the replacement jar of Udder Balm. It would be great if more companies could provide this type of customer service.


Bill D. – Daytona Beach, FL

I received my order yesterday and can't tell you how pleased I was for your prompt delivery. I only wish my medication was as fast. Thanks for doing such a great job. I use this for a very dry skin condition with excellent results.

No more cracked toes or bleeding and cracked cuticles. I recommended this to several friends who are also pleased with the results.


I swim twice a day as well as do martial arts. If I didn’t use your balm regularly, my feet would be like elephant hide. Thanks!

Judy F. – Norwood, NY

I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for udder balm. I was a distance runner in college and ran division I cross country and track. I would do upwards of 80 miles a week, year round. Winter was an especially difficult time because of all the cold, dry weather. I get painful chafing anywhere I had skin on skin contact (under arm to body etc…) – and over the course of a 16 mile run that is killer. It was horribly painful. My sophomore year a friend gave me udder balm as a joke for Christmas but I used it religiously before runs with great results. No more chafing. The great part was, not only did it moisturize, but it lubricated too. It was hands down the best. Sure I took some flack in the locker room, but it worked so well I didn't care.

Thank you so much for making the original udder balm so absolutely wonderful,

Michael K. – Virginia


I discovered this wonderful lotion when I lived in Illinois years ago ... and after moving back east I used to have my husband buy it on his business trips to the midwest ... then OSCO stopped carrying it and we couldn't find it anywhere ... until he surprised me a couple of years ago with several 1 lb. tubs in my Christmas stocking that he'd purchased on-line ... I used all of that up about 6 months ago and have missed it from time to time ... then I heard two co-workers giggling about how wonderful their lotion was and that it was made for cows' udders ... I thought they'd found my favorite balm! ... but, no, it was one of those other udder balms in the black and white tub ... so, I bragged to them about how I'd bring in some lotion that was the BEST for dry, chapped skin ... I came home and did a Google search ... and Voila! I found you once again ... can't wait to rehydrate my winter-ravaged skin ... maybe I'll get you some more Maryland customers, too!

Udderly happy,

Wendy P. – Maryland

I developed PUPP while pregnant with my son. It's a rash on your stomach that spread to my feet and it itched like crazy. The doctors prescribed steriods which didn't help much. My doctor told me to try Udder Balm and I was amazed at how well it kept my skin from itching. It really helped me to stop scratching and made my pregnancy more comfortable.

Michelle C. – Gainesville, FL

I have just received a shipment of 3 tubes of your Original Udder Balm.

I was born and raised on an Iowa farm and remember my Dad using udder balm on our milk cows. My travels have taken me many places and I currently live in Washington, DC but I was recently home for the funeral of my Dad. It was bitter cold and my hands were dry and chapped so I stopped at our local drug store and there on the shelf was your Udder Balm, which I bought and have used every day since. It is the best thing I have used on my hands!!

I didn't know that you had a web site so when I returned here I went on the internet and there you were. I was so thrilled to realize that I could order your product on line, which I did and that is the order I received today.

You have a very pleased and steady customer here.

Thank you.


Karen B. – Washington, DC

Thank you for the courteous sales service. I am amazed at the speed with which I received my order of original udder balm. As it was no longer available locally, we are estatic to be able to order it over the phone. My mom swears by your original udderbalm as the only product that stops her fingers and hands from cracking and drying in the winter. Thanks again!!!

Susan K.

I need to let you know when I arrived home at 5pm tonight, my Udder Balm was sitting on my front steps. What a shock. Now that's customer service. And, the postage fee had been removed from my bill. Thank you so much. I have been an Udder Balm user (only your product) for about 30 years. Thanks.

Laurie D. – Des Moines, IA

I have a wind energy business in Wyoming and spend a great deal of time out in the cold and windy weather. My hands were getting so dry and cracked I was getting really embarassed and I knew I had to try something other that what I had been using. About one month ago I discovered Original Udder Balm and have been using it daily and the difference in my hands is incredible. I have never been so impressed with a product in my life. I had some large bruised spots on both hands that would not go away not matter what I tried. My doctor said those just come with age and you will just have to live with the problem. I have news for him, the spots are at least 75% gone since I started using your product. I have a tube in my vehicle, my office and my home. Great product!!! Thank You.

Duane R. – Fort Collins, CO

I live in an area where it's 114 degrees at our camp site and the humidity is very low and in the winter the air is extremely dry as well. Anyway I have used different lotions throughout the years but nothing compares with UDDER BALM. Thanks to M and B, you know that I'll have smooth skin no matter what the weather.

Dale H. – Ontario, Oregon

Just want to thank you for selling "Udder Balm" on line. I am allergic to many, many lotions and ointments and having once found this product, am constantly hunting for it in stores. Today I was saddened to discover my local "Giant" no longer carried it but looked online and THERE YOU ARE!

Thank you,

Ann B.

Never have I had such rapid response! You're unbelievable! Priority mail is perfect - we should receive it in time to fill ALL the stockings we'd planned. We're going to northern (rural) Connecticut to visit my sister-in-law, whose best friend actually is a dairy farmer. So your product will be in the purses and bathrooms of several city gals, one vet-to-be, and on the udders of some very happy cows.

Thank you so much, and feel free to quote me as a very satisfied customer.


Wow! My order has shipping already! This is great news. I am planning on using some of my order as stocking stuffers. I certainly have been impressed with your company so far. You answered my email question quickly and now you have processed and shipping my order quickly. I look forward to trying your product.

Leslie D.


Helen L.

Thank you for your prompt service. I stumbled onto your product while visiting family in Maryland. My son had a sunburn behind his knees & needed something after the initial burn to stop the skin from cracking. I found Udderbalm at the grocery store there. It was wonderful & it was the one thing that didn't sting when I applied it.
We were unable to find it here in Vermont so I took a chance & searched for a possible website & found it.
It has been great for our dry skin in Vermont winters.

Again thank you for your wonderful service.

Deb B. – Vermont

I became acquainted with your Udder Balm on my last visit home to Des Moines this past September when I stopped in your Valley Junction store. I have recently purchased another 'batch' as it is the only thing that has helped with the dry, scaly residue of psoriasis on my hands and feet. My recent purchase was the Dionne medicated version, and although the results are the same/similar, I prefer the lemon scent of the Origianal balm to this medicated version (reminds me of Pepto Bismo ;-) Otherwise, you've got me as a customer for a long time (I also have a couple of your brownie products and am just waiting for a special occassion to whip them up!).

Angela G. – San Jose, CA

Dear Folks,
I started using O.U.B. and found out that it was FANTASTIC for my ultra dry and cracking skin. This Christmas time we visited my mother in the British Virgin Islands ( She's 83 ) and we took our jar of Udder Balm with us. Despite the warm climate my mother's skin was dry, cracked, and flaky. I suggested that she try a little. At first she thought it felt a little greasy, but the next morning she wanted both of her arms done because her skin was just like a baby's. Then she put it on her her neck. Well anyway we're going home without our jar of Original Udder Balm.

I sure hope our internet order arrives on time because ECKERD"S in W. Tuckerton New Jersey is out of it.


Walter & Polly G. and Mom

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product, the Original Udder Balm. It is the only cream that keeps my "alligator" feet from cracking and bleeding when the weather is hot and dry. My only problem is that I can no longer find it in the stores. I used to be able to get it at Eckerd's but since they were taken over by CVS, they seem to have switched to the other udder cream which I know from experience is inferior to yours. I would really love to be able to purchase the Original Udder Balm without having to go online … although, I must say the service was certainly very fast.

Once again, thanks for making a great product.

Charlotte K. – Coconut Creek, FL

My husband, Ron, just lovezzzzzzzzzzz your Udder Balm Moisturizing Cream!!! I purchased it on a whim for him when I was at our local pharmacy, about 1-1/2 years ago now. After his first trial "tube", he said to me... "Jen, this Udder Balm is great stuff! It's the best cream I have come across. Where did you get this? I need more, I'm out of it." …. since I have now located your web site we will purchase direct

Jennie & Ron L. – Langhorne, PA

I received my order yesterday and I would like to thank-you for the fast order processing and shipment. i used the product last night and thinks it's just wonderful. I will be making future orders with your company.

Jodi G.

Thank you for your original uddre balm..i had the worst feet in history and a nurse recommanded this and night difference....Thanks

Mary W.

… I'm sure I'll be ordering alot more during the winter. My husband is a courier and every single year he has problems with dry, cracked hands and severe chafing on his thighs from the cold. Nothing we have gotten so far has helped heal his skin and keep it moisturized.

I, on the other hand, used the balm last night on my hands and woke up this morning with teenager skin. I'm thinking of dipping my entire body in the jar tonight and see what happens.

Take Care!

Bernice R.

Hello - Just thought I would let you know my order has arrived. Thank you.

Yours is a wonderful product. Being a girlie girl, I have tried many, many lotions over the years. Yours works. No sticky, slippery residue to deal with at work or at bed time.

I look forward to future moo-mails. And, I will be back to order.

Best regards,

Sherrie S.

P.S. Thanks for the great customer service.

We have a printing company, using chemicals and solutions, they are very hard on the skin. Therefore, Udder Balm is used successful on elbows, hands, and even feet, healing and softening dry areas. I have used Udder Balm for years. Nothing is better for any dry area, especially hands. Thanks for Udder Balm!

A lifetime user;

Aida S.

Hello, I asked one of my co-workers if she had any hand cream one day when my hands were feeling especially dry and sore. She handed me a tube of udder cream and I can't stop stealing squirts of it when she isn't looking. … Thanks for being sooooo udderly smooth. Cheers,

Nicole M. – Halifax, Nova Scotia

I purchase this cream for my 91-year old mother who is in a nursing home. There are no other products used by the home or ordered by the doctor that can come close to the wonder of this cream. Because she is confined to the bed, her nursing aids use this as a barrier cream. Any discomfort she feels is relieved with this cream and this cream only. It has been a God sent product. She has urged me to let you know how much she appreciates finding this udder balm!

Virginia L. – Seminole, Florida

Just to bring you upto speed my friend, the udder balm arrived safely this very morning, wow, super fast delivery, just 5 days and there was the weekend in between superb, very impressed.

Karen U. – Burnley, Lancashire; United Kingdom

Udder Balm is the best product on the market for hydrating skin... and I have tried numerous other brands. In fact, my recent order included the small pump size because I'm giving it to my girlfriend who is also pregnant and is very itchy with dry skin.

Wendy R. – Belleville, MI

I used to work for a Veterinarian and my hands were exposed to many chemical cleaners and pest sprays.

Unfortunately, I developed severe dermatitis allergies to simple household products like, baby wipes, hand lotions, sanitizers, laundry detergents. My hands blister, weep, and itch if I use these. I'm in trouble if my hands get chapped.

I'd tried all the usual "dry skin" products available from Dermatologists to OTC stuff. I couldn't use ~any~ of them. That was very discouraging.

While shopping at a Tractor Supply store for items for my dairy goats, I saw your Dionne Frost Protection Udder Balm. I don't know why I bought it- maybe just hoping against hope that it might help my swollen, cracked hands. IT DID!

I am so proud to say that I have never ever shown any allergic response to this wonderful, creamy-balm. In fact, I don't have to use the prescription cortizone cream the Doctor gave me-except on rare occassions. Dionne Udder Balm saved my hands! I love how the balm disappears immediately into your skin, isn't greasy at all, and the light scent reminds me of lemon custard.

Thank you so much for a product that makes my life so much better. I'm no longer afraid to shake hands with people, or hold hands with my children due to scratchy, rough, tender skin.

Wendy H. of Secret Creek Farm – Long Bottom, OH

I ordered a 4 lb tub of Dionne Udder Balm for my parents in Nebraska on the 29th and they received it the next day! Very Impressive.


Richard P. – Ridgeland, MS

Udder Balm is the best lotion I have ever used and I was extremely upset when my local grocery store stopped carrying it. I've tried several different brands and I found only one that was barely tolerable, NOTHING even came close.

As a desperate last chance I put the name Original Udder Balm into the search engine and to my delight I found your site!

Ordering from your company was a dream.

I love the fact that you have an easy to use option for paying by check that doesn't make you feel like your an anachronism or ignorant.

This was also the fastest response and delivery of anything I have ever ordered over the Internet, at most a week between order and delivery. And I really appreciated the email notification that my order had been shipped.

The experience of ordering from your company was a very positive one and I will be order more in the future.


Erika V. – Park Ridge, IL

You ask to receive a note of my favorite product.

It is the Martex Udder Balm. I use it as a face cream. I have used it for many years and use to buy it at the feed store until it went out of business. So I decided to look on the internet and found you.

I have saved several empty jars of one of my very expensive face creams. I put the udder balm in a pretty face cream jar with a gold lid, and keep it my by bed on the night stand. Every night before I lay down I open my pretty jar and rub the udder balm on my face and neck. I am 61 years old and have very few wrinkles. Everyone always ask me what kind of cream do I use as my skin looks so young. What a surprise they have!!!!!

I have a country bed and breakfast and I am outside a lot working and also mowing the yard. But I stay soft and young looking with my udder balm.

Sunny S. – Cat Spring, TX

My first experience in ordering from your company was very positive. I received the products in a couple of days, and, as usual, am very satisfied with them.

I expect the same experience with this next shipment. Thank you very much for being so responsive to your customers.

Maria M. – Chicago, IL

I have to share with you my experience with your "original Udder Balm". For many years I have used it on my hands and have told many of my friends about the fantastic product.

5 days ago I thought I would try it on the dry spots on my face/nose (I have spent $100's dollars on French and all types of expensive creams).

To my amazement after only 3 days all the dry spots have either gone away or have been greatly reduced.

I thought I would share with you my story (as I have my friends). Thank you for the great product.

By the way, I am 67 years old and on a fixed income. Do you happen to have any reduced price coupons that would help me continue the use (and spread the word).

Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much.

Marilyn L. – Los Angeles, CA

Your addition of the pump lid for the one-pound jar to the order at no charge is greatly appreciated. It will make use of the product ever so much easier. I am caregiver to a totally disabled, dependent person and have been using your product for more than a year as a barrier cream and moisturizer.

Until a web search led to your website purchases were made from a feed store in Morongo Valley, CA. But that was when I passed the store twice a day. It's so much more convenient having your product delivered, especially in a size which is economicly sound.

It is extremely heartening to engage in cyberspace transactions with small firms which value their clientele - even if there is no face-to-face interaction.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
Most sincerely,

Sylvia L. – Palm Springs, CA

I have used your product for sometime now and it is the greatest. I do wish you offered overnight shipping...just a thought for the future. You can expect allot more orders as everyone at the hospital couldn't believe the condition of my daughters skin. Thank you sooo much for such a wonderful product.

Nancy E. – Berkshire, MA

I want to thank you for shipping my order. Your udder cream works well on my Husbands skin. We started using it 5 years ago when he came home from the hospital. (he has renal failure), and his skin was so dry.

My neice brought it from upstate and it worked miricles!!! Now that his illness has progressed his skin has become very dry and scaly. We didnt know where to find this cream. Thank god I still had the container and tried the internet.

I just want to say that thanks for making it availible to us

Gina A. – Oakdale, NY
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