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Nose Warmers

These nosewarmers—known to some as “nose mittens” or “nose muffs”—are hand-made by a seventy-something grandmother in Iowa. You may remember seeing Willard Scott wearing a nosewarmer on NBC's today show years ago, these are the very same. They come in a variety of different colors—whatever scraps are in the bottom of the yarn basket—so you never know quite what you'll get. A nose warmer makes a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift, and is sure to bring a smile. And, if you have the nerve to wear one, they really do keep your nose warm.

Shipping Costs to Popular Places(all the nosewarmers you want)
Location Shipping Cost
United States 6.45
Canada 23.95
United Kingdom 32.95

If you prefer, you can also special-order specific colors for your nose warmers: just pick your colors from the drop-down boxes below and specify how many you want. You can order as many or as few as you'd like, but please remember, special orders will take a little extra time for grandma to make them.

PC Description Price Qty
(NW00) Hand-Made Nose Warmer (random colors) 8.00
(NW01) Custom Hand-Made Nose Warmer

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