Tubes Are Back!

They're here, they're gone, they're here again! They're so popular we have trouble keeping them in stock, but for now three ounce tubes of Original Udder Balm are back! If you've already ordered some, they'll be shipping out quick as a whistle, and if you haven't ordered any yet, better order them now before we run out yet again!

Pump Away, Without Dyes or Fragrances

By popular demand, Unscented Original Udder Balm is now available with a pump. All the goodness, less hassle.

Introducing Original Lip Balm

You love Original Udder Balm, now try Original Lip Balm. It's udder balm for your lips.

Now Shipping SpeeDee

We've added SpeeDee Delivery as a shipping option. If you're within SpeeDee's delivery area of the midwest, you now have a much more cost-effective, and speedy, shipping option. Hooray!

If you're a bit too close to an ocean for SpeeDee to do you any good, give us a call (866-623-4107) and ask about USPS Regional Rate boxes. Our website isn't smart enough to know what will fit in them, but our friendly and helpful customer service representative (read: Becky) sure is! And boy do the "RR" boxes save a lot of money: you can ship up to four 1 lb jars all the way to California for under $10 (a $5 savings!), or to Alaska for about $11, roughly $11 in savings!

Lower Pump Prices!

We've been able to secure pumps at more reasonable prices, and are passing the savings along to you: the price of a 1 lb jar with pump of Original Udder Balm has been lowered, as well as the price of replacement pumps. These new pumps are even nicer than the ones we had before, so don't be afraid to pump away.

Fewer Ounces, More Possibilities

We've standardized our tube size, shrinking the Original Udder Balm tubes from four ounces to three. This means Original Udder Balm is finally available in a TSA-friendly size. The smaller size also fits better in your purse, handbag, toolbox, bag of holding, fannypack, or other item-carrying device. Now you can take it with you, to more places than ever before.

Finally, A List of Ingredients

Over the years we've gotten a number of requests for the ingredients in Original Udder Balm. The ingredients aren't secret—they're listed right on the jar!—and now they're finally listed on our website as well. Special thanks to Craig R., who spent many long hours in a medical library fact-checking for us.

Unscented Tubes Have Arrived!

Hot on the heels of Unscented Original Udder Balm in 1 lb jars, comes Unscented Original Udder Balm in 3 oz tubes. That's right, you can finally get Original Udder Balm in a size small enough the TSA won't confiscate it. (We suspect they just wanted to avoid buying udder balm for themselves.)

Less Is More

You've been asking for it for a very long time, and we are finally able to deliver: Original Udder Balm without dyes or fragrances, or what we are uncreatively calling Unscented Original Udder Balm. Great for anybody who doesn't like (or is bothered by) the lemon scent or yellow dye of our regular udder balm.

Introducing the Udder Balm Store Locator

You've asked us where to find udder balm near you quite a lot over the years, and we can finally say something other than "We don't know."! Many of you have already discovered the store locator we quietly put up, but for those that haven't, check it out. Just punch in your zip code or city and state to see all the stores carrying udder balm near you. (Sorry, foreign customers, it's U.S. only right now.)

Prefer people? Call us toll-free!866-623-4107