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Product FAQ
Are your products made in the USA?

All products made with our brand names are made right here in Iowa, USA. We even source our jars, lids, boxes, labels, printing and everything else possible from companies that make them here in the USA as well.

Aren't all 'udder balms' the same thing?
  We're sure that whoever makes them would like you to think they're the same, but they are not. There are a number of knock-offs out there, but our experience has shown them to be thin, watery, and lacking the soothing, softening properties of Original Udder Balm. We have even seen knock-offs claiming to have ‘The Original Udder Balm’ redone in some way! They try to compare their product to ours because ours is the best out there (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that).

Make sure you are getting "Original Udder Balm" and not a knockoff by always looking for the logo with the green mountains and the cow!

Can I use Udder Balm on my Cow, Goat, or other teated animals?
  Of course! Udder Balm is an excellent choice for use on goats, swine, sheep, dogs, and most other nursing or lactating animals; just apply udder balm according to the label directions, and be sure to clean off the teats before nursing or milking. This is what it was originally designed for!

How much Original Udder Balm do I use?
  It only takes a small amount for your hands. If you are using a pump jar, you only need about 1/2 inch of product, then massage it into your hands. It will absorb in within a few minutes, at that point you can decide if you want a little more. Everyone is different, and how much your skin absorbs depends on just how dry and cracked it is. You will have to judge for yourself, but always start with just a little... it goes a long way!

Isn't Original Udder Balm for animals? Can I use it on my own skin?
  Original Udder Balm was created to protect, soothe and soften the delicate exposed udders and teats of dairy cattle. These animals spent most of their lives outdoors in the elements, heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, name it they went through it. They had to be milked several times a day, and could not afford to have dry, cracked, chapped and irritated skin.

That is why Original Udder Balm was created with Aloe Vera, Lanolin and Vitamins A, D & E to combat those harsh conditions over 40 years ago.

Everything in our products is human and cosmetic grade ingredients, and all are approved by the FDA for human use. Almost as soon as it hit the shelves 40 years ago farmers wives, daughters and farmers themselves discovered how awesome it was for their own hard working hands, arms and other skin.

So Yes, it is not only great to use on humans, but has been for 40+ years. It is even used in Doctors offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, salons as well as homes from Maine to Hawaii, and from Alaska to Texas, and everywhere in between!

My pump doesn't get all the cream out of the jar, is it broken?
  We use a company here in the USA to custom build a high quality pump top for our jars; however,
Udder Balm is so thick that, as the jar becomes empty, the balm holds
its shape and ends up leaving a void around the pump, making it
difficult for the pump to function. The only way to remedy this problem
would be to water down Udder Balm, which we won't do—if you wanted lower
quality, you'd be buying from our competitors!  What many people do, and
what we recommend, is to purchase jars without pumps or a four- or eight-pound tub and refill the pump jar as it gets low.
My pump top is clogged. How do I unclog it?
  Try carefully running warm tap water through the pump, or placing the pump mechanism on the top rack of your dishwasher. Both methods have been used with great success by others. This is a very expensive and high quality pump, most likely it just needs to be unclogged!
There are lots of brands of udder balm, which ones are yours?
  We only sell Original Udder Balm under this brand, we do not label it for anyone else. You will only see it with our logo...which includes the green mountains and the cow. Want to double check, it will also always say "Manufactured for MBMA Corporation" as well. Do not let anyone else tell you that they have 'The Original Udder Balm', as they do not.

What are the active ingredients in Original Udder Balm?
  There are no 'active' ingredients in Original Udder Balm, so there is no expiration date. All products with active ingredients are required to display a Drug Facts Panel on the label.

What happened to Dionne Udder Balm?
  In 2007 the company that made Dionne Udder Balm, Original Udder Balm and Martex Udder Balm closed its doors and shut its business down. All three products were the same inside the jar, but had different labels for marketing reasons.

We purchased the formulas and rights to Original Udder Balm at that time and became the manufacturer of the product (because we loved it and did not want it to dissapear).

Original is the exact same product as Dionne and Martex, which were both discontinued in 2007. All other animal health products under the Dionne brand name were discontinued in 2007, so it did not make sense for use to continue that particular label.

Original Udder Balm is, and has always been, the exact same formula inside the jar, with a more attractive label on the outside. Nothing inside the jar has changed, just how the label looks.
What is Original Udder Balm made of?
  Original Udder Balm is made with the Organic Aloe Vera (concentrated 200 times!), Lanolin, Antioxidant vitamins A & E, and Vitamin D, and purified water. Those are the good things that your skin needs, the rest of the stuff are emollients, moisturizers and preservatives to keep it as fresh as the day you open it.

What is the difference between regular and Medicated Udder Balm?
  Medicated Udder Balm includes menthol (Original Udder Balm does not), which many people feel helps soothe sore muscles. The menthol also helps with temporary relief of pain and itching associated with minor cuts, scrapes, and skin irritation. Medicated Udder Balm was a great product, but had a limited life span and was discontinued in 2007 with the rest of the Dionne Product Line.

For those who are wishing there was a medicated option, should be thrilled that after 2 years of work, we have come up with a great All Natural Menthol Pain Relieving cream called "Doc Hoag's All Natural Pain Relief" It will be introduced in February of 2017.

What is the shelf life of Original Udder Balm?
  There are no 'active' ingredients in Original Udder Balm, so there is no expiration date. As long as you close the jar after each use (or use a pump top), the product can remain good for years.